We will not accept additional measures, says gov’t spokesman Tzanakopoulos

The economic and the political conditions for an agreement exist because the vast majority of our partners in Europe does not wish a technical rekindling of the Greek crisis, said State Minister and government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos in an interview with the Sunday edition of Ethnos newspaper.

“The next weeks will be crucial and the Greek government is working hard in order common ground to be found. We have tabled our proposals. We may accept under conditions the extension of the automatic contingency mechanism but we will not accept additional measures and this is something all parts understand except IMF” he underlined.

Referring to IMF’s stance, Tzanakopoulos said that it does not clarify its position with result continuous delay and damage.

On German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaueble’s stance and if he keeps open bridges with the IMF with aim the prolongation of the harsh austerity without short-term and long-term solutions for the debt, the government spokesman said “His stance is clearly political and is based on his vision for Europe.

Austerity, harsh fiscal adjustment and indifference for any growth prospect. He expresses an aged, phobic and super-conservative Europe that is questioned from all”.

Asked on the possibility of early elections, Tzanakopoulos clarified “the only scenario on which we are working on is the completion of the second review. We are not afraid of elections. They will not hurt SYRIZA but the country. Our first priority is the completion of the negotiations in order stability and confidence to be restored”.