Weather system ‘Zenobia’ to affect Greece until Monday, meteo says

The cold snap brought by the weather system “Zenobia” will continue in Greece at least until Monday, the National Observatory of Athens weather service meteo reported on Saturday.

It is expected to mainly affect eastern and southern parts of the Greek mainland, bringing rain, sleet, storms and snow, even at low altitudes. The islands will experience rain and storms, with some snow on higher ground, though snow in the Sporades island group may extend to very low altitudes.

Snow is also expected in Viotia, Fthiotida, North Evia, Magnesia and parts of Attica, especially from Sunday night.

Intermittent snowfall may also be seen in Thrace, while from Sunday night and through Monday the forecast is for snowfall in Central Greece, Thessaly, Halkidiki and Western Macedonia, accompanied by very strong northerly winds in the Aegean.