Weather to deteriorate as of Monday with rain and storms

The national meteorological service EMY announced on Sunday that the weather will deteriorate as of Monday morning, with rain, storms and even hail expected in several regions of the country.

The bad weather will first affect the Peloponnese and later in the day Central Greece, Crete and the Cyclades. The Dodecanese, Northern Aegean, eastern Macedonia and Thrace will be affected in the evening. Southern winds are expected, from 4-7 on the Beaufort scale. Weather will facilitate the transfer of dust.

Clouds and scattered storms expected in northern regions. Temperatures will range from 8C to 17C.

Clouds and later rain in the west and the Ionian Islands, 12C to 20C. Cloudy with scattered rain and possibly storms on the eastern mainland and Evia, 11C to 20C. Cloudy with scattered rain in the islands of the Aegean and Crete, 13C to 21C. Same weather for the east, 15C-22C. Clouds that will lead to rain in Attica, with temperatures between 13C and 19C. Same in Thessaloniki, temperatures between 9C and 16C.