West Lesvos mayor warns against environmental pollution from discarded refugee life-jackets

The potential environmental threat posed by thousands of discarded refugee life-jackets left in the waters and along the shores of the island of Lesvos was underlined in a letter sent to the Ministry of Citizen Protection and other relevant authorities on Thursday by the Μayor of West Lesvos Taxiarchis Verros. He urged the authorities for immediate action in response to what he believes is an urgent issue, given that life-jackets are not recyclable.

Verros asked for assistance in the removal of some 12,000 cubic metres of life-jackets that have amassed on the island, as well in the day-to-day collection of discarded life-jackets and dinghies used by those that daily reach the island.

He said it was an oxymoron that the newly-established municipal administration, just 10 days into its term, had received fines issued by the North Aegean Region for the refuse piled up on the island’s shores due to the refugee and migration crisis.

Concerning the temporary refugee shelters located on the road between Skala Sykamnia and the village of Sykamnia, Verros said that this was operating without the required permits and that, unless the matter is resolved immediately, he will proceed to dismantle the illegal structures.