Who’s bidding for the extension of the suburban railway to the port of Lavrio

The triple interest for the project of expansion of the suburban port in the port of Lavrio confirmed the current opening of the files by ERGOSE. The contenders for the project, with a budget of 391 million euros, are AVAX – Alstom, GEK TERNA – Intrakat and Ellaktor – Mytilineos.

The auction budget of the project amounts to 391 million euros (excluding VAT) and the contractor will undertake the design and construction of the railway connection of the city and the port of Lavrio with the existing suburban railway line from the Railway Station of Koropi with a total length of about 32 km.

The new railway line will be double in its longest length, electrically operated and equipped with modern two-way signaling systems with remote control and ETCS level 1.

In the construction of the New Suburban Railway from Koropi to the port of Lavrio, two stations are foreseen, one in Markopoulo and the Terminal in Lavrio, as well as seven railway stops in the locations / settlements Kalivia industrial park, Kalivia, Kouvara, Keratea, Daskalio, Kalopigado and Lavrio (city service). In any case, the final location of the stops will be assigned during the competitive dialogue process, taking into account the needs of the transport network.

Parking is provided at all train stations and stops, in order to serve wider residential development zones that can be accessed by car or other local means of public transport.

With the implementation of the Koropi – Lavrio railway line, a basic goal for the development of a suburban railway in Attica is completed. The expansion of the suburban railway network to Lavrio is crucial for the completion of the basic public transport infrastructure and in particular the network of fixed rail transport means in Attica, as well as for the achievement of the basic objectives of urban, spatial, and transport planning, wherever the line passes.

The planned expansion of the suburban railway to Lavrio, will serve the settlements of Eastern Attica and will further support the development and upgrade of the area and the quality of life.

In addition, the completion of the extension of the Suburban Railway to Lavrio, will offer the port of Lavrio high level access by means of fixed orbital public transport and connection with the Airport “El. Venizelos “, actively supporting and enhancing tourism.