Wildfires at Gortynia and Megalopolis contained by firefighters

The rekindled wildfires in the area of Gortynia and in the municipality of Megalopolis, both in central Peloponnese’s Arcadia region, have been dealt with and there is currently no threat to communities, Arcadia Vice-Governor Christos Lambropoulos told Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA-MPA) on Thursday.

The rekindlings occurred in the communities of Neochori, Livathaki, Elea and Issaris but were contained before threatening homes in them and surrounding villages.

Firefighting forces both on the ground and by air operated in these areas, noted Lambroupoulos, adding that despite the overall lack of rain there, it did rain over Neochori. The intensity of winds and temperatures has also subsided today, he added.

Meanwhile, rekindlings occurred in the areas of Skamnaki, Desfina and Karea in eastern Mani, southern Peloponnese, but they have been put under control, said the Fire Brigade.

However, 60 firefighters with 23 fire engines and 2 ground teams were operating at eastern Mani as of Thursday evening, including the Greek army, volunteer firefighters and local authority water trucks.