Wind Hellas reports better 2016 results

Wind Hellas on Thursday said its turnover and operating earnings grew in 2016, remaining on a stabilization course for the second successive year, after eight years of decline.

Nasos Zarkalis, Wind Hellas CEO said revenue totaled 4.1 billion euros in 2016 (mobile telephony revenue 1.8 billion and fixed telephony revenue 2.1 billion), with parent revenue totaling 476 million euros EBITDA at 91 million. Mobile telephony revenue accounted for 65 pct of total revenue, with fixed-telephony contributing the remaining 35 pct thanks to an 11 pct increase in turnover in 2016. “Both figures were slightly above estimates,” Zarkalis said.

Wind Hellas said mobile telephony revenue was 304.3 million euros, down from 306.4 million in 2015, while fixed telephony grew to 171.4 million euros from 154.3 million in 2015. Wind said its population coverage in the country amounted to 78 pct. Zarkalis said coverage will reach around 90 pct by the end of the year as the company continued an investment program, focusing on 4G, to reach 100 pct in 2018. He said that Wind Hellas invested 20 million euros to renovate its retail network, covering 175 new stores.

Wind Hellas will invest 100 million euros in new generation networks and fixed telephony networks and will launch TV services this year. Commenting on a possible cooperation with Vodafone in subscription TV services, Zarkalis said Wind Hellas was seeking an autonomous entrance in the market, but sought strategic partnerships to make its presence better. Wind Hellas has signed a memorandum of understanding with Vodafone on TV services. He said that talks with Forthnet were at an early stage and referring to a possible cooperation with Digea he said that Wind Hellas was currently in talks with several parties, but these talks were at an early stage.