Windpower investments up significantly in 2017

The year 2017 was the second best year for investments in windpower parks after 2011, Hellenic Scientific Association of Wind Energy (ELETAEN) said in a report released on Monday.

Specifically, a total of 282 MW were added in the windpower capacity of the country totaling 2,651.6 MW, 12 pct higher compared with 2016, of which 2,329.9 MW were installed in the interconnected system and the remaining 321.7 MW in the non-interconnected islands.

In 2017, the first windpower tourbines were installed in Epirus (2.4 MW), with Central Greece remaining at the top of windpower capacity (877.85 MW or 33.1 pct market share), followed by Peloponese (502.8 MW (18.9 pct) and Eastern Macedonia-Thrace with 335.45 MW (12.6 pct).

The top players in the market are: Terna Energy with 530.1 MW (20 pct market share), Ellaktor Group with 256.7 MW (9.7 pct), Iberdrola Rokas with 250.7 MW (9.5 pct), EDF EN Hellas with 238.2 MW (9.0 pct) and ENEL Green Power with 200.5 MW (7.6 pct).

Vestas is the top supplier of windpower tourbines (50.6 pct), followed by Enercon (22.3 pct), Siemens-Gamesa (19.9 pct) and Nordex (5.4 pct).

ELETAEN said new windpower investments with a total capacity of 550 MW were currently underway and were expected to be ready for operation in the next 15 months.

ELETAEN noted that a national goal to raise the contribution of renewable energy sources in domestic electricity energy consumption by 2020 would not be achieved “unless a miracle happened”. It stressed that more than 3,700 MW of new units were needed in the 2018-2020 period to achieve the national goa.