Winterstein: Commission works for the participation of IMF in Greek programme based on ESM Treaty

European Commission alternate spokesman Alexander Winterstein on Friday reaffirmed the European Commission’s intention for the IMF participation in the Greek programme as enshrined in the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) Treaty.

Asked to comment on the statements of German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble on the possibility of a new programme with the ESM if the IMF decides not to participate in this programme, Winterstein noted that the role of the IMF in support programmes is included in the ESM Treaty and that the Commission continues to work with the IMF in this context.

“The IMF has reaffirmed its intention to recommend to its board of directors the signing of a new programme with Greece as soon as an agreement is reached at staff level agreement. We are working in this framework. We will not proceed with speculations based on scenarios,” he concluded.