Workforce Employment Organisation: Registered unemployment down in March

The number of registered unemployed people (both those seeking and not-seeking jobs) totaled 1,055,084 in March, down from 1,081,060 in February, the Workforce Employment Organisation (OAED) said in a report released on Friday.

OAED said that the number of unemployed people seeking work totaled 885,766 in March, of which 57.38 pct were long-term unemployed (more than 12 months), a 37.58 pct were men and 62.42 pct women.

The number of unemployed people not seeking work was 169,318 in March, of which 25.70 pct were long-term unemployed, 37.92 pct men and 62.08 pct women. The number of people receiving unemployment benefit amounted to 168,325 in March, of which a 28.11 pct were seasonal workers in the tourism sector.