Yanis Varoufakis party MeRA25 elects nine MPs

MeRA25 (DIEM25) party leader Yanis Varoufakis on Sunday said that “the people punish the governments that impose memoranda,” in statements his party secured its entry into parliament in the July 7 general elections, the first parliamentary elections in which it has participated. Based on the results with 86 pct of the votes counted, MeRA 25 surpasses the 3 pct minimum threshold and elects nine MPs.

Varoufakis congratulated New Democracy for its victory and suggested that Sunday’s vote was negative and set in motion on the evening of the July 5, 2015 referendum, when Alexis Tsipras “pulled ND and the memorandum out of the waste basket, where the people had put both of them with their vote on that day.” Varoufakis added that by doing so, Tsipras put ND back on a “winning track, which led to Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ victory today.”

“Our people have once again toppled a government that dared to pass two memoranda over a four-year period,” he said.

Varoufakis continued: “Greece is finishing one chapter but starting another, which we fear will be darker than the one before,” he added.

“We, at MeRA25, pledge to continue talk about policy, both within and outside of parliament, moderately yet at the same time, in complete disobedience to all (the policies) that push our children to emigrate abroad.”

“We are starting a relentless, singleminded fight against the Latvia model, the parasitic oligarchy that we very much fear that, as of tomorrow morning, the specific leadership of New Democracy (Mitsotakis) will set up and establish based on the fourth memorandum bequeathed to ND by SYRIZA,” he added.

Finally, Varoufakis thanked the thousands of citizens who voted for MeRA25 and promised “to those who did not trust us, that our arguments will be policy-based. We will contribute to the dialogue through which our country’s escape from this debt prison must emerge.”