Young refugees that fall in love in Greece can’t get married due to bureaucratic obstacles

Young refugees that are staying in Greece for a long time fall in love but unfortunately due to bureaucratic obstacles they can’t get married.

These young couples face the risk of separation at the relocation procedure. Now they claim their right to get married provided that the municipal services ask for a birth certificate from their country of origin, but they can’t submit these documents due to the disrupted relations with their countries.

NGO Arsis through its support to refugees and its intervention in 12 hosting centers has faced a number of such cases involving refugees that have sought asylum in Greece, said to Athens-Macedonian News Agency lawyer of Arsis Yioula Hatzidimitriou.

She explained that the refugees can’t marry either religiously or politically or even a partner agreement “they can’t get married because the recognised by the Greek state mufti can conduct marriages only between Greek muslims.
However, according to Hatzidimitriou, if the refugees go to court, the court will rule in favour because in these cases a solemn declaration of celibacy and birth date is enough. Unfortunately, until the case reaches the courtroom it is very late because the refugees may have been send to another country.