Zacharaki: ND has tabled amendment to abolish the reduction in tax-free income rates

New Democracy spokeswoman Sofia Zacharaki on Tuesday criticised SYRIZA’s so-called ’13th pension’ measure as a ‘pre-electoral bonus’ and added that “by lowering the tax-free annual income rates – which Syriza voted by itself – workers and pensioners lose almost one month’s worth of wages.”

Zacharaki was referring to a government amendment being debated this week that will reintroduce an additional pension payment, called “the 13th pension” (the so-called ’13th pension’).

Main opposition New Democracy introduced to parliament this week “an amendment to abolish SYRIZA’s tax-free income rate reduction, with which other opposition parties agree,” the spokeswoman said, adding that “if (PM Alexis)Tsipras does not vote in favor of this amendment, it will confirm he is deceiving Greeks yet again.”